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Are you free?

For some, it happens when they turn 30. For others, at 50. For still some others, it only happens in their twilight years. But most people eventually come to realize that a life of getting gets old and empty. A new desire rises - a desire for significance and impact.

If you have acquired practical skills that you want to impart into the next generation, Amakhono Okuphila would like to offer you an opportunity to change the future for many. If you would like to find out more about our volunteer trainer opportunities, please contact us and we'd be glad to speak through the possibilities with you.


We are about to launch our second training program for 2022.  


We have been in full swing after Covid since mid to late last year. Term one of 2022 ran very successfully, we had four classes and twenty-three students. The classes held were: Woodwork, Cooking & Baking, Sewing, and Computer Literacy. We thank all the trainers who donate their time, skill, and effort to teach these students.

Term one of this year also saw a new basis on which one can volunteer at Amakhono Okuphila. Trainers have been coming in for one week or a few days out of the four-week course. This makes it much easier for volunteers who have busy schedules. In fact, this is not a new format to us. However, this was the first term, hopefully of many, that we had as many trainers volunteer in this format.

On the 20th of May, S4L will hold registration for our May-June training program where we will welcome approximately 20 students onto the site for training.


Students who complete this course often walk away with not only a new skill-set but also a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities and fresh hope in the future.

We are excited for the rest of 2022 and what it holds. We would love to share a good cup of coffee or tea with you. So, come visit us at Lot21 Bushy Vales, if you would like to see what we do.

Second Training for 2022

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