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News Letter

A Great Start to 2024 

On the 15th of January, we launched our first training for the year with 24 Students partaking in the Skills4Life course.

9 Students enrolled for computer Literacy, 4 for woodwork, 5 for sewing, and 6 for food technology.

All the Students attended life skills classes teaching various life lessons, from preparing for a job interview to managing your finances.

We would like to congratulate all 24 students for graduating from the course!  

Amakhono Okuphila would also like to mention our volunteer trainers without whom the course would not be possible. Thank you to our trainers for the passion with which they passed on their knowledge to the next generation who may not have otherwise had a chance to learn these valuable skills. We look forward to our next training in May-June in which we will be offering welding and the possibility of a new beadwork course. 

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Are you free?

For some, it happens when they turn 30. For others, at 50. For still some others, it only happens in their twilight years. But most people eventually come to realize that a life of getting gets old and empty. A new desire rises - a desire for significance and impact.

If you have acquired practical skills that you want to impart into the next generation, Amakhono Okuphila would like to offer you an opportunity to change the future for many. If you would like to find out more about our volunteer trainer opportunities, please contact us and we'd be glad to speak through the possibilities with you.

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