Things we teach:


Mother boards and processors

In the digital age we live in, a basic understanding of computers is virtually vital. We aim to help people understand the basics - including Word; Excel; Internet and E-mail - increasing their desirability in the workforce, or assisting to keep track of their own home business.



Pins and needles

In the sewing course, individuals are first taught how to sew a few basic items by hand before moving on to learning how to use a machine to sew items like bags, hats, boxer shorts; t-shirts and the like.


Hearts and Minds

All courses are supplemented weekly by 6 hours of LIFE training courses. These include classes in HIV/AIDS; Healthy Living; responsible sexuality; respect and care; basic business skills; importance of home-grown gardens; etc. We recognise that to be successful requires discipline and hard work and all students are required to attend every aspect of training faithfully.

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Saws and Sandpaper

Our goal in this course is to teach individuals how to make basic furniture with basic tools - tools they might have on hand or that won't cost a great deal to purchase. Our desire is to see people able to create and sell products they make with their own hands.


Spoons and Spatulas

Our aim is to teach basic cooking and baking skills with the intention that the students will be able to provide healthy, tasty and wholesome meals for their families, but we also want them to be able to sell their products to gain an income. Included in this course is basic food hygiene; healthy living, and basic nutritional principles.